Cloud Access Management: Proof your Cloud IAM Strategy

In recent months, We, at Cambridge (now Atos Consulting), have been seeing our existing and potential customers listing Cloud IAM on their to-do tasks but wanting to prototype their critical use cases before actually signing off on their Cloud IAM strategy in to a reality.

At Cambridge, we have built a IAM Lab environment dedicated to address such needs of the customers especially focusing on Cloud IAM. In this IAM lab, customers can easily realize Cloud IAM requirements in a plug and play way by designing and demonstrating any use case relevant to their business (or a traditional IAM) in few days.

We have been interacting and getting inputs from customers in various sectors, to add more business use cases to this lab, so that testing as well as proofing your critical and major business cases is achieved quicker. To get to know about what we are doing and what you can do for your business with Cambridge’s Cloud IAM Lab, read through flyer below (click the image to view better) and also visit us at CTP IAM to find out our other focus areas in IAM.

Cloud Access Management
Cloud Access Management: Proof your Cloud IAM Strategy

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Srinath Uppalapati

Srinath Uppalapati

Srinath has worked as a Identity and Access Management professional in his entire career advising, developing and consulting for customers in US, EMEA and ASIA. He has knowledge of leading Identity and Access Management products in the market. While working for clients invarious sectors, he has worked in the roles of Developer, Module Lead, Consultant, Technical Manager. Srinath is currently working as a Senior Consultant with Cambridge Technology Partners in Zurich.
Srinath Uppalapati
Cloud Access Management: Proof your Cloud IAM Strategy
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Cloud Access Management: Proof your Cloud IAM Strategy
Use of cloud services enables new business processes and user groups instead of user/device control, helps you better leverage comprehensive networkwide AM.
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Atos Consulting CH
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4 thoughts on “Cloud Access Management: Proof your Cloud IAM Strategy

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    Jenny Mark Reply

    Hey Srinath
    Great post! The concept of Cloud based Customer Identity Management is the need of the hour! A vital factor that enables the interaction between business and customer is the online identity of the customer. Cloud based CIM solutions capabilities help businesses register, authenticate, authorise and manage customer digital identities in a systematic, secure and scalable way. CIM gives you complimentary benefits that aid your marketing efforts.
    Jenny Mark

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