Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool

As already stated in one of our previous blog’s article, the Digital Workplace (DWP) “makes it possible to unlock and connect people, business information slides in team sites, business applications, emails & ideas in people’s minds”. In order to make this definition more tangible, we developed a DWP Model, which is structured around three main topics:

Digital Workplace

  • Collaborate: how to connect, collaborate, and deliver better products or services with teams spread across different geographies or locations
  • Engage: how to attract, engage, and retain your employees
  • Innovate: how to adapt, compete, and win through rapid and open innovation

Nowadays, a mature DWP is critical to cope with the fast and ever increasing pace of our modern economy.

In your organization, how mature is your DWP? To find some experts, do you have a state-of-the-art internal enterprise social network or only a simple people directory? To voice any issues or improvements, do you use a dedicated solution or talking with your line manager is the only possibility? How easy is it for you to share documents with your peers: through a central repository or only per email?

We developed a DWP Maturity Assessment tool, which allows you to answer to all these questions and much more. You will be able to assess your organization’s current maturity in the DWP area and your vision for the future.

Digital Workplace
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Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool
Article Name
Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool
Digital Workplace "makes it possible to unlock & connect people, business information slided in team sites, business apps, emails & ideas in people’s minds”
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Atos Consulting CH
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